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Essential Oil Diffusing and Healing Stone Bracelet

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Stress? Anxiety? Feeling overwhelmed? Choose one, two or three of these beautiful mojo3 Essential Oil Diffusing and Healing Stone Bracelets featuring Purple Aventurine, Wood and Lava Stone.

Aventurine is said to aid in diffusing negative situations and help to turn them around. It also supports and promotes stabilization of ones state of mind. It is said to calm irritation and anger.

Volcanic Rock (lava rock or basalt) is a rock formed from magma erupted from a volcano. It differs from other igneous rock by being of volcanic origin.

Since basalt is formed from molten lava, and molten lava was once rock that is heated to a liquid state, you can only imagine the strength, fire and power contained within Lava Stone.

Lava Stone is a stone of strength and courage. It promotes stability throughout changes in ones life. If you are going through a lot of shifts, stress, and chaos in your life then lava rock is a helpful stone for you. Lava rock helps to diminish the negative aspects of one’s character and aids us with perspective in seeing where we might benefit from change in ourselves.

Lava stones act as natural diffusers. Place 1-2 drops of essential oil (total) or use a rollerball to apply your favorite essential oil to your lava stones. When the scent fades, simply add another 1-2 drops of oil to the bracelet. Some oils last for several days up to a week, while others will fade more quickly. Reapply as needed.

For compliancy please note: All gemstone information listed has been collected from various sources. This information is offered for informational purposes only. They are not meant to solely treat medical conditions. Our belief is that we are complimentary to other methods. mojo3 byHSS does not guarantee any of these statements and additionally advises you to consult a Dr for any medical conditions.