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Intentions and Programming your mojo3 Jewelry

Because we want our jewelry to carry the best intentions for our clients we do set intentions on each piece. If we are working with a client on a custom piece, and understand clearly the clients intentions, we will set those specific intentions for that piece. If we do not know the specific clients intentions for a piece, we set intentions on that piece of jewelry by naming each of the stone strengths and properties, and by asking "That each strength be used for the Divine Purpose and Highest of All Good." Additionally, we will add "These crystals and stones will reject any negative vibrations and energy that may come in contact with them." Sometimes one may wish, or ask for intentions that are unbeknownst to us at the time, NOT good for us. By having us set these intentions in your jewelry if there is greater good, or higher meaning for you then what you may intend, the energy will ultimately resonate to what is best for you and all good in any given situation. 

If you would like to learn more about intentions and programming there are many resources on the web. We do not recommend a certain website. Some information on one website may resonate with you, some may not. You may believe in Buddha, God, something else or nothing. We do not claim our beliefs for others. It is your journey, and what you do must resonate with you. Quantum Physics, the power of mindfulness and intention, one's will, Chakra, these are all explored with crystals and healing stones energies. We encourage you to read, explore, learn and find what resonates with you.