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Custom Bracelets or Necklaces

To get started on a custom mojo3 bracelet just purchase the "mojo3 Custom Essential Oil Diffusing and Healing Stone Bracelet" at checkout. Once we receive your order we will reach out to you to begin the process.

We will need your wrist measurement so we know how many stones to use. You can measure your wrist with a soft tape measure. If you don't have one available just cut a strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist marking where they touch without being tight or cutting in to the wrist. Now, lay the paper flat and measure. Please let us know what your wrist measurement is without adding anything to the number. 

We will also need to know if you would like to design a bracelet based on healing stone properties, color, or beauty. If you are basing it off of healing stone properties we will need to know your areas of intentions and focus so we can choose the stones best suited. Most of the time there are several stones to choose from. This is where knowing the colors that resonate with you, or you prefer to wear, become important. 

We take beauty, colors, design, and healing stone meanings in to consideration while designing every bracelet. However, when focusing on healing stone meanings sometimes visually, these aren't the most gorgeous bracelets, yet, they can be the most powerful and meaningful. These are the ones that look even more beautiful on. We always want to design what feels good to you, is meaningful, and what you would LOVE to wear on your wrist everyday. The process unfolds each and every time as it should, and it's one of our biggest joys to go through with our customers when designing custom bracelets or necklaces.

Once we get your initial information we will start designing and sending you pictures. If we don't nail it the first time, we will ask what you like and what you don't. If you want things moved, different stones, etc. We will work on your bracelet until you LOVE it. Once completed, we will share each of the stones meanings with you via FB or email as part of your custom purchase.