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FAITH Essential Oil Diffusing and Healing Stone Bracelet

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Another launch today of our FAITH Essential Oil Diffusing and Healing Stone Bracelet.

Life is busy, sometimes chaotic, and we get caught up in ourselves and others. We worry, get anxious, and we try to control things around us. We forget to have FAITH.  This bracelet is a reminder to take a deep breath, have Faith, and know God has our back. 

The Stones featured are Blue Agate, Howlite, Wood and Lava Stone.

A grounding stone.
Soothing and calming.
Brings great strength.
Facilitates acceptance of oneself and builds self confidence.
Encourages speaking ones truth. Overcomes negativity.
Heals emotions.

Extremely calming, excellent antidote to insomnia.
Provides wisdom and insight.
Formulates ambitions, both spiritual and material and aids in achieving.

Beech Wood holds the power of the creative. It is also about leadership and companionship.

Lava stones are believed to have grounding properties associated with the Root Chakra, and are thought to improve spiritual strength. With a drop of Essential Oil, absorbed into the porous stones, you can use it for aromatherapy throughout the day. Simply apply 1-2 drops of your favorite oils and reapply as desired.

Please Note: All gemstone information listed has been collected from various sources. This information is offered for informational purposes only. They are not meant to treat medical conditions. mojo3 byHSS does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements. All sales final.